Who is Logged In to Your WordPress

See Who is Currently Logged In and Logged Out to Your WordPress Site

Admin can see who is currently logged in to your website and from where and which browser. Also, see the detail of all logged-out users.

See What are they doing currently and what they have done during login time

The main thing that admin wants to check is what their users are doing on his WordPress website.

In the logged-in users’ section, you can also see all the changes that logged-in user has done, in real-time, allowing you to be relaxed about your WordPress site.

Filter users from long list of logged in/logged-out users

If there are many logged-in users, then you can use the filter and search option functionality of the plugin. You can filter the users by Username, Role, IP Address, Email address, Country, Browser, Logged in Status (Login or Logout), Login Time duration, Logout Time.

Terminate User’s session From all or one device.

Why and When You may Want to Force Log out All Users or Specific User in WordPress?

You may want to do this for different reasons. For example,

  • if you suspect that your WordPress site is hacked, then forcing logout will allow you to properly clean up your hacked WordPress site.
  • When you use a public computer or Wi-Fi and If you are not sure that you properly logged out, then this method will end all logged-in sessions.

Log Out WordPress Users in just one click

This feature enables admin to force specified user(s) to log out with just one click.

Allow WordPress Users to logout from other device

This feature allows logged-in users also to logout from other devices in just one click.