Email Notification

You can generate any type of reports from User activity Log plugin. You can generate the report in html, csv, pdf and json format.

Get Immediate Reports About Site Changes via Email

Soon you know better about the site. With instant email notifications, it can be a business, security or technical problem, you can always stay on top of the business and better manage your sites, users.

Email Notifications for Your Site Current Activity Log

Configure Email Notifications to give immediate alert to important activities on your WordPress sites and multi-site networks without having to log in to your website.

Suspicious Activity Email Notifications!

Setup your first and most important email notifications within just seconds. The plugin also provides a feature to send an email notification to admin for changes that are being made by the user. They can be enabled with just one click!

Some typical email notifications can be set for following Suspicious Activities:

  • When WordPress user failed logins many times
  • When non-existing users failed logins many times
  • when a user generates 404 HTTP errors many times

Configure Email Notifications for Any Type of Change

To get very special notice of a change, for example, when two events occur at one time, or to create an event by a particular user and not from a specific IP address, use the automatic trigger builder to create your own notification criteria.

How to Create Trigger Email Notification?

Follow the below steps to create trigger email notification :

  • Go to Dashboard » User Activity Log » Add Email Notification
  • Enter the trigger notification title
  • Fill the trigger value
  • click the + to add multiple trigger box
  • Add the email address for the email address notifications will be sent to. For multiple email address separate them with a comma. Ex.,
  • select email template
  • Click Add Notification to save the trigger notification.

What are Operands in between add multiple triggers?

The Trigger notification has two operands that user can use, the AND OR operands.

AND Operands :

When the user uses the AND operand both the triggers value should match for the trigger email notification to be sent mail.

OR Operands :

When the user uses the OR operand, only one of the triggers has to match for the trigger email notification to be sent mail.

Different Types of Triggers available in User Activity Log PRO plugin

List of trigger name :

  • Username
  • User ID
  • User Role
  • Source IP address
  • Hook